"Cleopatra" bath - € 32

  • Already Cleopatra took a bath in pure milk with honey and exquisite oils.
  • Effects: Very relaxing, stress relieving, returns to the skin the necessary moisture and replaces the skin’s natural oils.

Cream bath with goat butter - € 35

  • The unique behavior of goat butter spend to you an immaculate skin. The high-quality oils in it spend the skin the softness that makes your age forgettable.
  • Effects: The bath has a cell-reconstructing and cell-regenerating effect and protects the cells against major risk factors.

Cream bath with evening primrose-oil - € 35

  • The evening primrose has an almost legendary reputation as a medicinal plant. Especially the metabolism and hormonal balance benefit from these characteristics.
  • Effects: The hydrating and lipid-balancing cream bath has a high amount of gammalinolenic acid and is highly effective against many skin irritations.

Bath with rose petals - € 35

  • As queen of all fragrances, the rose is adored for its captivating fragrance.
  • Effects: Smell of roses is very relaxing, soothing and liberating. Body, mind and soul will be well balanced.

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