... kids and teens - you are highly welcome

You can gain a lot of experiences inside or outside of our hotel or alternatively in the surrounding vicinity as follows:

  • With water: natural lagoon, indoor pool
  • Using garden: playground, playing ball
  • Vehicle: Kettcar, bobby-car, bicycles, carriage
  • With a ball: kicker, table tennis, soccer, billiard
  • Caves & waters: climbing at „Eibgrad“, climbing wood in „Pottenstein“, adventure park in „Betzenstein“, canoe paddling
  • Near-natural: game enclosure „Veldensteiner Forst“, feeding wild animals, birds of prey in „Rabenstein“, caves and castles
  • Theme parks: “Schloss Thurn”, “Spielrado”, “Tucherland”, “Playmobilland”, zoo Nuremberg
  • In our restaurant: with family or children only using children’s menu

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